A persona is an archetype within a target group that you have interviewed and observed.


The persona will help you empathize fully with the target group and its needs, particularly if you are designing products or services for a specific target group.


  • No specific team roles necessary. Everybody has the same tasks and responsibilities.


  • Persona template

  • Big board or poster

  • Pens / Markers


1. Brainstorming Questions

1.1 Interviews: Around 5 interviews for each target group that you have defined is a good basis for getting a particular feel for the group. In your team, you can then bring a persona to life.


1.2 Draw / Sketch: Draw a person on a large poster / board that every team member can see

2. Session Set-Up

Use the following guidelines to develop the persona:

Personal details:

  • Name, age and marital status

  • Occupation and professional status

  • Personal aims and values

  • My strength, my weaknesses

  • My resolution for the forthcoming year

  • Attitude towards technology

  • My favorite brand

  • My top three phone numbers


At home:

  • I use this technology at home

  • This annoys me

  • This motivates me

  • My ritual

  • I am saving up for


At work:

  • I use this technology at work

  • This annoys me

  • This motivates me

  • My ritual

The ultimate goal is to create a living person that you can fully understand, complete with all their worries, needs, interests and wishes!



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