The peanut chart is a matrix that evaluates your team’s ideas along the dimensions “Customers” and “Offerings”.


The peanut chart helps you to put gain a better understanding and awareness of your team’s ideas in relation to each other and evaluate them in the context of your organization’s portfolio strategy.


  • No specific team roles necessary. Everybody has the same tasks and responsibilities.


  • Peanut Chart template

  • Board

  • Pens


1. Drawing the matrix

On a wall, draw a matrix with two axes labelled “Existing/New customers” and “Existing/New offerings”

2. Filling the matrix

2.1 Place your ideas: Place your ideas on the matrix where you think they belong


2.2 Classify: If necessary, involve experts and ask them to help you classify your ideas

This results in the following factors:

  • Incremental Innovation: Ideas that would appeal to existing customers and involve slightly different products/services, and ideas that involve existing products/services and would appeal to customers similar to the original target group

  • Evolutionary innovation: Ideas that would appeal to completely new customers and involve existing products / services, and ideas that would generate completely new products / services for existing customers

  • Revolutionary Innovation: Ideas that would mean a completely new product/service for the company and would be aimed at completely new customer groups



3. Discussion

Talk to management about where the journey should take you and where company management believes it could go, to decide which ideas and prototypes you want to pursue further.

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