The Feedback Capture Grid is a four-part matrix that facilitates structuring feedback quotes and observations for every prototype.


Refining ideas constructively and continuously by getting  feedback  is one of the key principles  of design thinking. The feedback capture grid allows  you to process several feedback interviews, so that it is subsequently easier to decide what to keep, what to iterate, and what to drop in the next iteration.


  • Moderator or coach is recommended to keep the session efficient

  • No specific team roles necessary. Everybody has the same tasks and responsibilities.


  • Print-out of the Feedback Capture Grid template

  • Post-Its and Pens


1. Template

Print out the template provided at the bottom of the webpage. Or: Draw a large matrix consisting of two axes on a piece of paper or a whiteboard.

2. Labelling / Explanation

The feedback capture grid comprises four quadrants. In the following their labels and
use are explained:

  • Top left: PLUS - elements of the idea that were positively evaluated in the interview?

  • Top right: TRIANGLE - what can be improved, what was missing?

  • Bottom left: QUESTION MARK - questions that have cropped up and need addressing

  • Bottom right: LIGHT BULB - ideas that arose during the interview



3. Structure the feedback

Position the statements and observations you have made during the interview in the four quadrants using post its.

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