Benchmarking provides you and your team with an overview of existing solutions to similar or the same problems you are trying to solve. In our wording, benchmarking can mean two things: (1) what do competitors do? and (2) where can you find similar requirement sets or analogies to the challenge you want to solve to get inspired?


Benchmarking involves learning from the best and being inspired by how others deal with challenges. Finding out what already exists and being inspired by analogies helps you  to become an expert in your design challenge but also to get inspired by the innovation space around it.


  • No specific team roles necessary. Everybody has the same tasks and responsibilities


  • Computer with internet connection

  • Pen and Notepad or Post Its


1. Research

1.1 Identify similar problems: Research online and offline, looking for problems and similar answers to your challenge. Maybe you find analogies to your challenge in different industries, which can help improve your understanding and solution approach to your design challenge.

1.2 Identify trends and developments: Find out about trends and developments within your sector and also (future) competitors.

2. Interpretation

2.1 Discussion: Share and discuss this new information within the team.


2.2 Draw conclusions: What does it all mean for us as a business? What is inspiring us the most?



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